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You follow news- Sure! But do you think that we live in an era where media leads to information explosion and confusion but no solution? Most of the media channels and sources disseminating information is controlled by the so-called progressives, outwardly secular but stark multi-communal inside spreading all sorts of biased and prejudiced news and views contaminating the truly national flow of life.

It therefore dawned on some of the nationalist-minded intellectuals and social activists to have an effective medium to counter this propaganda and spread the truly nationalist views and impartial news, that would cater to the needs of the intellectual class and clear doubts resulting out of this left-liberal-secular propaganda.

And Yes, www.newsbharati.com is one of those. We aim to serve “nationalist views and impartial news” to our readers. Newsbharati portal was launched on 13th June 2011, the day coinciding the crowning of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who injected new vigor and valor amongst the masses that ultimately led to the establishment of an independent nation.


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